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YCDP 2012 [ Part I ]

Assalamualaikum readers. 
First of all, yahoooooo! this is my second blog. hahahahaha. 1st blog need to be privatized already since i've wrote too much about personal and i think, just keep it as my e-diaries only la, not suitable to share everythings with people. Am i right, friends?
oho. i know its right (Ceh, perasan betul budak ni.lalala).
Okay, enough of the first blog. Now, i want to tell a story about the event that i have attended last week at Residence Hotel Uniten. Wahaha, i am so great and thankful enough to Allah for giving me a chance to be there cause you know what, it is much pleasure to be in the hotel, x kisah la hotel 1st star ke 3rd star ke, 5 star memang definitely everyone would never want to forget the chance, right?.  Look at the food, these are only some of them, there are two more foods to be eat after this first session. Look at tummy immediately! ahaha
Okay, come back to the topic. That 3 days event is known as Youth Career Development Program 2012 (YCDP 2012…